Mince Pies and Community Pride

The coffee morning at the Youth and Community Centre had a good turn out with lots of interesting views on what’s great about Old Dean and what we’d like to improve.  There was a range of ages including students from Cordwalles Junior School through to some of our more elderly neighbours.

2015 Coffee morning_2862 2015 Coffee morning_2863

Here’s a sample of what people shared:

Things we love:

  • Community spirit
  • The local Post Office
  • 3 very different churches that work together
  • You can make friends
  • Schools
  • Chemist
  • Woods
  • Bus service
  • Everything you need is local
  • Butchers
  • Supermaket
  • New Cafe
  • Hopefulness
  • The churches have lots of community things going on and they welcome everyone
  • Parks for children to play
  • Access to lots of services e.g. youth clubs, health centres, Children’s Centre
  • Its not all spaced out (its all very local)

Things we’d like to improve:

  • Less dog mess
  • Don’t know where to report things
  • Put up village signs saying “Old Dean”
  • Fix the pot holes please
  • Keep an eye out for elderly people
  • Better park
  • More activities advertised for 65+ folk
  • More lights near the parks
  • Lick of paint on the play parks
  • Cut back overhanging branches and twigs on pavements
  • More groups in the evenings for younger children 5-8 and 8-11
  • More after school clubs
  • Tree roots growing through pavement near Bracknell Close
  • Youth Centre noticeboard to indicate when open and when events are on
  • Make the rec and parks safer to play in
  • Youth club open every day
  • Uplift the shop area and make it safer/better lighting at night
  • Holiday time activities for 5-11 year olds
  • Leaves need cleaning around the village
  • Remove chicanes and speed humps to improve traffic flow near school
  • More elderly involvement with community
  • Connect Ballard Road to A30 (one direction only)
  • Clean up and better lighting for alley way next to Cordwalles School
  • Help the wildlife in the woods

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